The JetSpray™ Solution



JetSpray Thermal Insulation is a high-performance, spray-on insulation system designed for professionals looking to provide premium performance insulation solutions. Some of the benefits of JetSpray include:


  • Fast and convenient installation
  • Highly precise application
  • Lightweight packaging
  • Setup and cleanup are quick and easy



  • Provides highest quality acoustic and thermal comfort for homeowners.
  • Stabilized fibers prevent settling.
  • Delivers R-values of an R-15 in a 2×4 cavity and an R-23 in a 2×6 cavity.




  • Water-activated adhesive mixed in to every package. No mixing required in the field.
  • Installers are field-trained by Knauf Insulation to ensure the highest levels of performance are reached.
  • Easily installed around wall obstructions, ensuring every gap and void in a wall cavity is filled.




  • With the scrubber and vacuum system, there’s virtually no waste.
  • Typically dries within 24 hours to allow for drywall to be installed.
  • Knauf Insulation’s glass fibers are innately mold-resistant and do not support microbial growth.



Basic Equipment and Materials

It’s easy to install JetSpray Thermal Insulation. You may already have some of the equipment you need.


  • JetSpray Thermal Insulation
  • Blowing wool machine with required hoses and vacuum collector box
  • Water pump, tank and supply line
  • Portable generator
  • Scrubber
  • Vacuum with required hoses
  • JetSpray nozzle
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)